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World Art Day: A message from the AIAP/ IAA President Bedri Baykam

Dear National Committees,

Although I am sure we all did our best for this year’s World Art Day in these harsh pandemic days that keep threatening the world, before anything else I want to wish all of you, dear national committee’s artists, dear friends from all over the world, a very healthy life with all your friends and family… Isn’t this amazing that staying alive has become a major agenda topic for every citizen of the world! What a lack of fortune and luck that in this second year of official celebration after UNESCO has declared April 15th, World Art Day as one of the International Unesco Days, in November 2019, we still can not go through the joy of celebrating universally and all together this professionally most important day for all of us!

Although we cannot do much other than zoom celebrations, conversations, meetings, all those shows are very limited, and often in many countries lack of funds make life harder and harder for many of our artist friends. So, realistically we must except that we will remember these years as black holes in our personal than artistic lives most likely. On the other hand we are luckier than in many other professions because we can at least try to continue to produce artworks at least to write our books, prepare our catalogs, give our speeches and communicate our ideas most of the time even when we are locked in. We must be patient enough to wait next year or the year after hopefully for the time when we will be able to participate in street festivities, concerts, shows with large attendance in museums, galleries in art centers and we will hopefully forget in few years what we had to go through beginning of the 2020s. 

On the other hand in spite of all these handicaps we are confronted with , please still don’t neglect the idea of documenting each one of your activities. Those can be still pictures from zoom meetings as well as online visit of artist studios or some exhibitions or any other forms of celebrating world art day! Our website will need all those datas as much as any other year! 

Please, don’t forget to send us all your documentation, photos, transcripts, images…

With those of you that will be present at our zoom meeting on Thursday, April 15 event gracefully organized by IAA Europe and its President Mrs Andrea Kristek Kozarova. We will have the opportunity to congratulate each other‘s World Art Day and we will also have a chance to hear some very important talks about financial situation of visual artists in Covid year, schemes of help and challenges for cultural and creative sector. Those speeches will be held by April Britski and Ruben Steinum following my opening speech of the event.

Soon, we hope the world will be in better shape and hopefully you will be hearing from us about the General Assembly when we will be able to travel freely again. 

Please have a great World Art Day and let’s enjoy it in spite of all the problems and difficulties.

Best wishes to you for a beautiful spring or autumn, wherever you might be in this planet…

With our most sincere regards

Bedri Baykam

World President

AIAP/IAA, Official partner of UNESCO

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