Virtual workshop on the artistic use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) April 28th – May 28th, 2020

This workshop is designed for artists working with video and who are interested in experimenting with image processing using scientific image capturing methods and their connotations.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, from April 28th though May 28th from 4pm (CET) (excluding May 21st and May 26th)

Number of meetings: 8
Course capacity: 10 participants

Meetings will take place through an online communication platform.
Access will be provided upon registration.
The course will be in English and is free
of charge.

Candidates who will be able to attend all lessons are kindly requested
to apply at info@vasulkakitchen.org

Vašulka Kitchen Brno in cooperation with Icelandic artist Haraldur Karlsson has prepared our first on-line professional workshop of eight consecutive meetings. The course is suitable for those who are looking for real-time digital image processing and who are interested in current video technologies. Haraldur Karlsson will mediate the procedures and show the capabilities of current software and digital data with the involvement of MRI scans (human organ imaging using magnetic resonance imaging) in a series of live interactions with the possibility for questions, and the search for an individual and personal approach.

“The kind of concentration and focus that I have on video image today, I could never have before. This is not just because I have changed, it is also because video has changed, evolved and matured. …. Video has become a medium that accepts concentration and detailed work and a medium that offers so much more potentials and promises. Working with video is not frustrating anymore rather joyful. The computer does not crash, the programs are capable and stable. I can shape the image in any way that I wish much like working on a digital photograph. We are not even bound by the traditional frame of the image and don’t have to keep it. Video is out of the box. It has broken its box. One can now explore and wonder about the new frontiers of video.”
Farhad Kalantary

Haraldur Karlsson

Virtual Residency
April – May 2020

In April we were ready to welcome Icelandic artist Haraldur Karlsson to Vašulka Kitchen Brno as part of our residency series. His physical presence will be replaced by a virtual residence, which will present Haraldur and his current work in a series of videos, texts, and online transmissions. Haraldur will grant us insight into his creative process and demonstrate the mechanism of working with contemporary video processing technologies.

Haraldur Karlsson (b. 1967,Reykjavik) lives and works in Oslo, Norway and has specialized in experimental video art for nearly 30 years. Between 1999 and 2009, Karlsson worked at the Icelandic Academy of Fine Arts as head of fine arts digital Media Lab. He has had a number of exhibitions, performances, workshops and lectures both in Norway and abroad.

Haraldur Karlsson has long been working with the medium of video and experimenting with the possibilities of its technical parameters. He uses the latest technology in long-term projects and collaborates with a number of interdisciplinary experts. Karlsson’s own work is usually presented by Karlsson through an interactive artistic installation or performance at an exhibition or in public space, which has become a place of critical reflection on the development and growth of contemporary society. Presently, he is interested in medical records of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) depicting the internal biological organs of the body, as well as data from astronomy or mathematical patterns of natural phenomena. Using digital technologies, the author transforms exact and technical data into a poetic testimony with a distinctive choreography revealing their hidden aesthetic quality.

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