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Vasulka Chamber Residency 2017

Vasulka Chamber Artist in Residence in collaboration with SÍM, launches an Open Call for the year 2017. Artists of media and video art disciplines will have the opportunity to work, reside and find new inspiration in Vasulka Chamber at the National Gallery of Iceland for a period of up to eight weeks. The deadline for applications is 17.10.16 and the results will be announced on 17.11.16.

Vasulka Artists in Residency is a program in collaboration with SÍM; The Association of Icelandic Artists.

Vasulka Chamber Residency is a residency program focuses on an experimental approach to Media, Digital and Electronic art. Selected artist are invited to come and stay in the Vasulka Chamber, Centre of Electronic and Digital Art in Iceland. It will give an artist a platform in Iceland to get to know Icelandic electronic art scene as well as historically get to know the work of pioneers of video art Steina and Woody Vasulka. Vasulka Chamber is founded on the archive of Steina and Woody Vasulka´s body of work.

For each of the two 2017 residents of Vasulka Chamber Residency, we are offer:

• A short-term residency (up to 2 months) at the end of which the residency expects, as a contribution, to take part in a public art event in Reykjavík.  Artist selected for January – February residency will work from beginning of January and have an public event during Reykjavík Winter Festival.  http://winterlightsfestival.is  
For summer residency July – August, the selected artist will be expected to participate in the Culture night festival in Reykjavík.  http://culturenight.is

Studio spaces
Vasulka Artist in Residence offers a working space at the premises of the Vasulka Chamber in the heart of Reykjavík city center and access to the group of specialists who work there.  It also offers a private living area a 6 m² bedroom and a 6 m² studio space at the SÍM Residency, by the sea.

With the establishment of the Vasulka Chamber, the National Gallery of Iceland directs its attention to the preservation of video and multimedia art. As a leading museum in visual art, the National Gallery plays a critical role in the preservation of Icelandic visual art. Vasulka Chamber is a collaboration with Steina and Woody Vasulka with the National Gallery of Iceland, to which they have donated a large part of their digital archive. www.listasafn.is

Private studio at SÍM and a office space at Vasulka Chamber, National Gallery of Iceland.

The Vasulka Chamber resident will be staying at an appartment of SÍM at Seljavegur 32, Reykjavík, by the sea. (6 m² private bedroom and a 6 m²  private studio +  a shared office space in Vasulka Chamber)

Terms & Conditions

Up to 8 week residency for an artist based in Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, The Faroe Islands, Greenland, Åland), + Baltic countries ( Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania).

• We provide free studio space (one working space and one office space) accommodation, assistance with a public event for the festival in question.
• All travel cost covered, to and from Reykjavík.
• Daily living cost is at the artist´s own expense.

For further information please contact Head of Vasulka Chamber: kristin@listasafn.is


Vasulka Chamber in collaboration with SIM Iceland is funded by the Nordic Culture Point.

Here you can apply:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScQO_I3r2xNW0jZaUog_b7BBr-xphPA…

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