Valérie Boyce heldur fyrirlestur í SÍM salnum 17.apríl kl.17

“Landscape painting as a self portrait”, the importance of Icelandic landscape – Wednesday April 17 at 5 p.m


Landscape painter VALERIE BOYCE will explain why she began painting Icelandic landscapes 20 years ago and the message she seeks to convey through them to contemporary society.

She will speak about the relevance of lanscape painting in our era and the particular message for our age that she has been able to find in Iceland.

Nature and technology are regularly depicted in contemporary art installations,videos and photography.She wants to show that painting also has its place as a medium for the interpretation of landscapes and an antidote for the over-stimulation and anxiety present in our hyper-connected digital world. She considers herself to be like an ancient Chinese painter in a certain sense!

For the Chinese, landscape painting was a metaphor for their individual values and beliefs, a reflection of their emotions.

She will illustrate this hypothesis with examples from art history, of her own work and quotations from such illustrious writers as Marcel Proust, Rainer Maria Rilke, Joseph Conrad and Kasuo Ishiguro.

Valerie Boyce Studied in The Beaux Arts School in Paris the School of Visual Arts in New York. Has showed her work in Iceland, in Hafnarborg, SIM House, Fold Gallery and Studio Stafn, travelled with Barbara Tamerin Art Tours and gave talks on the subject at the different exhibitions of her work in France.

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