Urban textures, Hvítspói gallerí 22.maí kl 17.00

Eszter Bornemisza opnar sýningu sína

,,Urban textures,,

Eszter Bornemisza is a fiber artist living in Budapest, Hungary working with recycled paper, textiles and other found soft materials. Trained and having worked as a mathematician she began orienting to textile arts in the mid ‘90ties. The basic process of her creation is machine stitching, with additional elements of printing, dyeing and painting. After having made art quilts for more than ten years, her interest has turned to creating transparent wall-hangings, objects and installations using ripped, overprinted newspaper.

Velkomin á opnun sýningar hennar miðvikudaginn 22. mai kl 17.00 í Hvítspóa gallerí Óseyri 2. Akureyri. Sýningin stendur til 23.júni. 2019.

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