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Umóknarfrestur fyrir Air Nor-Ice gestavinnustofur rennur út 14.ágúst

Air Nor-Ice gestavinnustofur í Lofoten eru opnar fyrir umsóknir til 14.ágúst n.k.
Meðlimir SÍM geta sótt um vinnustofurnar sem standa yfir 16.október – 16.nóvember 2017.
Hér má finna heimasíðu Air Nor-Ice

Lýsing á verkefninu á ensku:

What is AiR Nor-Ice?

AiR Nor-Ice is a 3-year pilot project to connect and expand networks and cooperation between professional art in the north – focusing on the connection between northern Norway and Iceland. In The Nor-Ice residence is eligible only for members of NNBK and SIM.

The basis of the residency is to share knowledge and experience and learn about each other’s art-political reality based on common challenges such as living conditions of the artists and the conditions for professional practice in Northern-Norway and Iceland. The exchange aims further to be a vehicle to strengthen and establish lasting relationships between professional artists and organizations in Northern Norway and Iceland to enhance cooperation, networking and reciprocal profiling.

The residence project was initiated by NNBK / The Association of North Norwegian Visual Artists and SIM / Association of Icelandic Artists in 2015 and is funded by the Norwegian Cultural Council, SIM and North Norwegian Art Centre, which is NNBK’s local project partner and residence host in Northern-Norway.

About the residency

When: In 2017 the residency period is 16. October – 16. November 2017
Where: Kunstnerhuset (ʻArtist’s Houseʼ) in Lofoten has accommodated artists since the early 1950s, when it was founded by Norwegian and Swedish artists’ associations. The house is located on Svinøya island, overlooking the shoreline and in walking distance to Svolvær town centre. The house is only for AiR artists on self directed and programmed residencies. Artists share two studio spaces, kitchen, living room and two bathrooms. Kunstnerhuset is a part of the North Norwegian Art Centre.

Financial and practical

The residency includes a living and shared working space at Kunstnerhuset, as well as support of travel expenses up to 5.000 NOK. There will be a rental car at disposal for the artists to share. Fuel is to be paid by the artists, leaving the car with a full tank. The resident artists will in collaboration with NNKS present their works during the stay.
The selection is by open call – based on proposal for stay, artistic merits and the quality of artistic practice. The application must be written in English for the NNBK jury / board review.

The application is to be sent to nnbkunst@gmail.com with “Kunstnerhuset Residency” in subject field.

Deadline for application: August 15th

The application have to include:

  • Personal information: full name, place and date of birth, all contact details
  • Proposal for stay and how you would go about relating your work to this context
  • CV
  • Examples of previous works/portfolio as pdf max 10mb, Video/sound work (max. 3 min)
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