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”Together in Twilight” – Poul R. Weile

The danish artist Poul R. Weile – since 2008 based in Berlin – is showing his, untill now biggest videoartpiece: ”Together in Twilight” in Berliner Liste couppled to Berlin Art Week

Date: 16th – 20th September 2015

Place: Tresor, Köpenicker Strasse 70, 10179 Berlin

Poul R. Weile has in several years been working with the hand-held scanner as a photographic tool, creating the worlds first truely ”Cubistic Photography”.

In the later years he has been travelling around the globe, to carry out the major art project: Smiles of the World.

Together in Twilight” shows two animated full body scans of a woman and a man, who moves towards each other – trying to reach each other.

Marcel Duchamp’s “Nude descending a Staircase” springs in mind.

Animation by: Anders Vejen Andersen

Poul R. Weile is educated as a sculptorer 1979-84, and has several big works in public space in Denmark.

His previous works with the hand-held scanner is represented in the National Museum of Photographic Arts of Denmark, as well as he is represented with other works in several museums in Scandinavia.



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