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Voyage There and Back
image: Tumi Magnússon
We are so pleased to present and share the world premiere of Voyage There and Back, a new radio art work by Tumi Magnússon (Iceland) for Skálar FM, commissioned by The Creative Audio Unit ABC Radio National, Australia for their radio art program Soundproof.
From this Friday January 30, listen on air, online or download Voyage There and Back – which is the first episode in The Remote Series, a five part series that explores the theme of remoteness,
where the defining feature of remoteness is the experience of distance, however minute or vast, in time or in space.
In the remote villages of Iceland small fishing boats are a way of life. Some of these boats have old engines with a very slow stroke, producing a very special sound.
On quiet nights, the acoustics created between the fjord and surrounding high mountains make this sound very seductive.
In Voyage There and Back, Tumi Magnússon focuses intently on this listening experience, using it to make a description of a voyage by a lone craft, simply by manipulating the timing of the sound of a boat engine.

Tumi Magnússon (is) was a professor at the Iceland Academy of Art from 1999-2005, and the Royal Danish Academy of Art from 2005-2011. He currently lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark, and spends his summers in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland.

Today he primarily works with multi-channel video and audio, where sound plays a very important role. His installations usually have a strong site-specific element, and he has maintained an adventurous and experimental approach to art.

The Remote Series consist of five programmes created by internationally acclaimed artists working with sound. Each is asked to consider an aspect of the idea of ‘remoteness’, or the experience of distance.
Subsequent episodes in The Remote Series will air in Australia on Radio National in February and March 2015:
the remote series episode#2 by Fernando Godoy M (Chile)
the remote series episode#3 by Jana Winderen (Norway)
the remote series episode#4 by Christina Kubisch (Germany)
We wish you an active listening experience and sending best wishes from Iceland
Anna Friz and Konrad Korabiewski
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