“SIM provides a space for you to concentrate, yet collaborate. The location and facilities are ideal and the opportunity to meet artists from around the world as well as local artists make the SIM experience special. There seems to be no better place for a residency than a beautiful neighborhood in Reykjavik. Having just returned home from my second residency at SÍM Seljavegur, I’d highly recommend it.”

There are inspiring views of the sea, the mountains, and the city from every window and the location of the residency is just far enough from the city center to provide quiet without feeling isolated. SÍM, and its surrounding landscape and wonderful city of Reykjavík, provide real time and space and I have had productive, enlightening experiences each time I have been there.”

“SÍM’s residency at Seljavegur is an outstanding opportunity, not only to focus on your artistic practice, but to network with other artists from around the world. In addition to making some new work, I was lucky to make friends I have kept up with over the past year since I reluctantly boarded my return flight home. I fell in love. I cannot wait for my next visit!”

“I’ve had the pleasure to be in residence at SÍM in August 2014. It was a great opportunity to meet artists from various origins, using different mediums, while discovering Iceland, it’s culture and art scene. One year later, I still have projects and ideas emerging from this experience. It was a fruitful month and a context that I would recommend to fellow artists.”

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