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Terminal (TXL) Exhibitions | Nov 2 – Dec 15

The exhibition series “Terminal” deals with our contemporary condition – an ongoing state of transit. The series is an exchange of artists practicing in Berlin and Reykjavik. Airport terminals and their aesthetics become a program in effect.

The theme of the first exhibitions is communication as it takes place in the former Berlin – Tegel post office hosted by the renovation project Postwerk Tegel on Grußdorfstraße 3.

Gunnhildur Hauksdóttir launches “Terminal (TXL)” with “Borderline Human – Milk River Valley” based on her artistic research in South Africa. “Borderline Human” questions the set of the shifting values and definitions behind the term “human”. For the opening Gunnhildur will lead a performance reacting to the vervet monkey calls. Apart from the audio and studies of the monkeys the installation includes a jungle gym with swings, monkey bars and hanging ropes. The internationally renowned contemporary dancer Saga Sigurðardóttir will physically engage with the installation with acts of borderline human movements.
The second exhibition “noWhere, noThing, noBody” is presented by Rebecca Erin Moran. She invites the viewer to enter, to transcend and to depart. The large-scale projection mirrors the noBody monitored by hypnotherapeutic techniques. Rebecca questions the rituals and the experiences of contemporary western life using the liminal spaces in which we drift between forms.
On 24 November, a liminal event will take place allowing for new rituals of sexual colossal hybridization.

Borghildur Indriðadóttir ends “Terminal (TXL)” with Hei Maei #my_كل_شي”. The filmic installation, “Hei Maei” is a word play. “Heimaey” in Icelandic means “home island”. By splitting the word and changing the y to an i, “Hei Maei” means greeting (“hei”) and “home not home”. #my_كل_شي is a hashtag appropriated from the Lebanese pop musician Hiiafa Magic. The one-minute film is about the unknown intelligence of the ocean and questions identity and multiplicity. The soundscape is composed by Bane Jovančević and Borghildur Indriðadóttir. For the opening women stylized both in niqāb-khimars and in latex and fishnet stockings will perform within an airport setting.
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