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SNEHTA RESIDENCY – OPEN CALL “Walking backwards”

1.) About Snehta
Snehta (Athens in reverse) is a non-for-profit organization and the first established art residency in Athens that supports and facilitates local and international artists through its residency, exhibitions and educational programmes in Kypseli, Athens.
The program was established in 2012 and has up until now hosted over 100 artists in its international residency program.
Snehta’s mission is to actively strengthen the artistic production and revitalize the local scene by bridging Athens with international creatives that share a focused enthusiasm to research in the city. Moreover partnering artists, curators and projects undertaken by Snehta aim to creating new readings under which the city is perceived and experienced.
For the past two years Snehta has been making gradual stepts to establishing two additional core activities – its physical / online shop and an educational program run by Athens based artists. Monies generated by those activities will fund a range of new opportunities that will be announced within the following year. Amongst those – Walking backwards is Snehta’s first funded exhibition opportunity open to emerging artists from Greece and other countries.

2.) Overview
“Walking Backwards” was inspired by the Greek figure of the soothsayer Tiresias, appearing in Dante’s Divine Comedy. Soothsayers are fortune tellers, or people who claim to be able to predict the future. In Canto XX, Dante and Vergil encounter these souls, forced to walk with their heads for ever facing backwards.
The calls aim is to bring artists attention to past ideas and juxtapose those with our present condition.
In order to apply, artists have to complete the appropriate application, send their CV and Portfolio (10 pages max.), while paying a fee of 10 EUR and sending a proof of payment via email

3.) Who are we looking for
We are looking for emerging contemporary practitioners that will demonstrate a genuine interest in the social context of Athens and who can engage with it critically by challenging social norms and taboos. We are looking for creative practitioners who demonstrate elements of experimentation through their artistic practice.
Applying artists should demonstrate an interest in the local community of Kypseli and maintain a gregarious approach to potential connections with local artists and organisations.The call is non medium specific.

4.) What the call offers to selected artists
• 500 euro artist fee/reward
• Access to our small studio space Mariya (next to our main exhibition space at I.Drosopoulou 47)
• Induction on our terms on how to use the space and a variety of tools
• Tour of Kypseli and a presentation of the organisations 9 year history in the city
• Access to the Snehta library during the opening hours
• Snehta will offer consultation during exhibition isntalls.
• The work produced by each artist will be promoted on our website and on our social media platforms (facebook/ Instagram) and through our newsletter.
• Shenta will provide printing costs and welcoming drinks for the opening day, photographing the event and invigilation of the show during Snehta opening hours (Artist’s will have to take care of their own invigilation times for opening days outside Snehta’s schedule)
• Snehta can support artists with letters of recommendation for further opportunities.
• Snehta reserves the right to select the artist chosen for the upcoming exhibition in the 2021 Snehta Kypselian Salon.
*Artists are always welcome to donate an artwork/sketch or drawing of their choosing to be part of Snehta’s growing archive.

5.) How to apply
From 25/03/21 till /04/21 at 12:00 am please email the following to applications@snehtaresidency.org – using also WeTransfer for heavy files:
• Completed application form.
• Portfolio (max. 10 pages) and CV for individuals. For collective groups: a form stating every member accompanied by a short bio.
• Cover letter explaining why your current practice suits this opportunity
• A payment slip towards the application (10 EUR fee – provide us with a proof of payment via email) – IBAN:GR67 0172 0550 0050 5509 1852 486
On 26/04/21 Snehta will contact the 2 selected participants that will exhibit their work at Snehta. There will be two seperate exhibitions. One in June and one in October.

6.) Timeline of the Open Call
Open Call Announcement: 25/03/2021
Application open for submissions: 25/03/2021
Deadline for submissions: 18/04/2021
Project evaluation and selection: 18/04 – 05/05/2021
Final selection announcement: 06/05/21
Implementation period 1st slot: 03/06 – 23/06/21
Implementation period 2st slot: 01/10 – 22/10/21

7.) Schedule of Walking Backwards program
The first slot of the program will start 03/06/21 and will run for 3 weeks.The program will continue in October with the second slot and will run for 3 weeks more from 01/10/21 – 22/10/21. You can see the accurate dates of the program below.
The participants will join in 3 days of talks where they will present their exhibited work/artistic research. 1 week settling into the space and experimenting, installing and a 2 week exhibition.

1st slot of Walking Backwards program
First meet with artist:03/06/21
Tour of Kypseli : 04/06/21
Critical review portfolio: 05/06/21
Installing the artworks: 06/06/21
Last checks: 07/06/21
Opening day of the exhibition: 08/06/21
Exhibition at “Mariya”: 08/06-22/06/21
Uninstall works under invigilation of Snehta teams and artists 23/06/21

2nd slot of Walking Backwards program
First meet with artist: 01/10/21
Tour of Kypseli : 02/10/21
Critical review portfolio: 03/10/21
Installing the artworks: 04/10/21
Last checks: 05/10/21
Opening day of the exhibition: 06/10/21
Exhibition at “Mariya”: 06/10-21/10/21
Uninstall works under invigilation of Snehta teams and artists 22/10/21

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