Mynd Fyrir Tilkynningu

SÍM Gallery: Connective Tissue – Guðrún Sigurðardóttir, Inga Martel og Sabine A. Fischer

Connective tissue is the tissue that connects, separates and supports all other forms of textures in the body. Connective tissues bind structures together, form a framework and support for organs and the body as a whole, store fat, transport substances, protect against disease, and help repair damages. They occur throughout the body. They fill every intermediate part of our body. Connective tissue is essential for the body because it maintains organ shapes and serves as a water reservoir.

With this metaphor, we want to explore the connectivity and materiality that binds us together, that connects our art making and the world in which we place art. The connective tissue that connects the abstract and the concrete, the real and the narrative, the visible and the invisible. We want to discover the quality of transition. The transition of the space, the air and the light in between, their importance is not given much attention. Just as we often do not pay attention to the things that are naturally just there.

Vernissage/Opening day: Friday 8th of October, 17 o´clock, p.m.

Open on weekends: 14-17 o´clock, 2 p.m.-5 p.m.

Open until: 30. October

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