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Silence Awareness Existence – Retreat residency program Winter 2019-20 in Finland

Creative winter retreat

Silence Awareness Existence is a residency program for artists, researchers and creative professionals, wanting to retreat into silence in nature. The program brings together a group of artists attuned to the theme to share a focused and mindful residency in the middle of the Nordic winter.

The program allows you to concentrate in your creative work and being in a supportive, peaceful environment. You may arrive with a predetermined project, but it is also possible to dedicate the residency solely for inner reflection, meditation and research.

In order to support mindfulness and maintain a focused working & living environment, the program includes silent days, daily meditation sessions and an introduction to meditation course by visiting teacher. To further minimize distractions, internet is only available in a designated room. Participants also have the opportunity to engage in the Finnish sauna culture, an ancient tradition for purifying your mind and body.

Stillness, darkness and silence

Arteles Creative Center is located in Western Finland in a countryside region, far from city life distractions. Many beautiful forests, fields and lakes surround the residency yards – here, you can truly feel connected with nature.

Finland’s winter is filled with stillness and silence. The sun only briefly shows up in the horizon, and tones of blue, white, and grey dominate the monotone landscapes. On clear nights, stars and satellites are clearly visible on the sky. If you get lucky, you may even catch the Northern Lights.

December is one of the darkest months of the year. In average, January and February are snowier and colder, March already bringing more light to the days. Weathers in general are unpredictable and can vary a lot in a short time, from blinding snow storms to total stillness.

Periods: 1 month 
December 2019 – March 2020 
Where: Arteles Creative Center, Hämeenkyrö, Finland 

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