Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson sýnir í MU HKA, Antwerpen


sat 31 jan at 11u til sun 19 apr 2015 at 18u


#1 MER. Paper Kunsthalle (Ghent)
6th floor

The LODGERS programme invites some of the most imaginative artistic
initiatives to come and occupy the 6th floor exhibition spaces at M

It offers a unique opportunity for public interface, to organisations
and initiatives who focus specifically on producing and commissioning,
and who do not have their own display space.

These LODGERS might be publishers, commissioning agencies, research
initiatives, labels, collectives, discussion platforms and other
initiatives experimenting with artistic practice who would be
interested to live, work and perform in Antwerp.

The programme is developed as a partnership with AIR Antwerpen (the
city’s artist residency programme), who offer 3-month long residencies
for the guest initiatives.

M HKA hosts these initiatives for a period of three months,
co-developing an active series of site-specific displays, events and

LODGERS are welcomed from "Eurocore" – the combined region of Benelux
and the Rheinland.

Free entrance to visit our LODGERS. Come and say hello!


MER. Paper Kunsthalle was established in 2005 in order to examine the
possibilities of books as places to exhibit art. MER. Paper Kunsthalle
describes itself as a paper kunsthalle because its main focus is to
provide this space to artists by creating an institutional platform
that publishes artists’ books.

For their participation in LODGERS, they are working with the artist
Ania Soliman to develop an artist’s book in situ at M HKA, and have
also invited artist and musician Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson to develop
new works and a series of sound events.

For information on the LODGERS activities, follow us on facebook and twitter.

Ania Soliman:
Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson:

Curators: Nav Haq (M HKA) and Alan Quireyns (AIR Antwerpen)

Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen
Leuvenstraat 32,
2000 Antwerpen, België
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