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being worried ABOUT NOT being worried
I Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson I

the title of this exhibition is “being worried ABOUT NOT being worried”. 
it’s something that has been on my mind and troubling mesince i was a child. 
i’m always worried. and there seems to be always something to worry about. 
and it’s very easy for me to findsomething to be worried about. 
it haunts me every day, throughout my life. one big fat worry can produce very many small ones.
it’s like a domino. BUT on VERY rare occasions i don’t have any worries, 
yes, it really happens sometimes, doesn’t last long but it does happen that i just don’t worry.
that’s when i get worried ABOUT NOT being worried.
at the start of last year i went to a fortune teller and she said that she had some very bad news for me, 
that something dreadfulawaited me that year, 
so i waited and worried about that all year and nothing dreadful happened, 
at least nothing i was aware of(?). but i guess that kept me busy all year. 
there seems to be always something to worry about. i mean i might die today. who knows? 

- Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson 1.1.2015

Opening 10 January I 20H
Visit expo from 15 January till 30 January

location I H E C T O L I T E R I
Zaterdagplein 17, BXL

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