Storm Antwerpen

Sigtryggur Berg fremur gjörning á Antwerp Art

John Duncan, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, Thorsten Soltau, Dominik ‘t Jolle, Erwin Van Looveren, Fien Robbe, Stijn Wybouw, Morbus Gravis

The Frans Masereel Centrum continues to drift on thrilling, refreshing airflows. With THERE IS A STORM, COPY THAT the FMC occupies the Antwerp Art Pavilion for the entirity of February ’19. And delves into the relationship between sound and printed art. Don’t expect an umpteenth exhibit. Because Morbus Gravis – gabber expert, Ennio Morricone zealot, flashy turqoise Puma tracksuit wearer and headstrong purveyor to Antwerp’s avant-garde elite and under-the-radar-ists, is curating the sound programme.

Hand-picked by Morbus Gravis from the crossroads between image and sound: (internationally) established artists such as John Duncan (USA), Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson (IS), Thorsten Soltau (DE) and Dominik ‘t Jolle, Antwerp noise scene’s Erwin Van Looveren and upcoming talents Fien Robbe and Stijn Wybouw. Their performances will mangle traditional and linear ideas about concepts like cut-up, sampling, reproduction and collage.

THERE IS A STORM, COPY THAT will also cause a stir with a four-day masterclass. THE ABILITY TO SPLIT consists of numerous talks by artists from all creative compass points. Afterwards an elite selection of young artists will convert these talks and other inspirations into artworks in our pop-up workshop.

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