Squid Navy School Show And Tell Small Hand

Show & tell: A self help group for young artists – OPEN CALL

Time based art / performativity

Environmental concerns

Art & labour

Show & tell is a Reykjavík-based group of young artists who gather twice a month to share and discuss works in progress. The aim is to create a space of constructive criticism and stimulate collaboration, in the warm halls of the City Library (Grófarhúsið). Core topics are time based art / performativity, environmental concerns, and art and labour. Openness to criticism and a willingness to share are encouraged. Freshly graduated artists in need of structure and dialogue might benefit from this, but all are welcome, both artists and art workers. Dialogues will be held in English, the City Library is wheelchair accessible.

Show & tell will begin in the fall, and is organised by Vala Sigþrúðar Jónsdóttir and Bára Bjarnadóttir.

To apply, please send a few sentences about your practice to bara.bjarnadottir@gmail.com and valavala93@gmail.com before midnight of 1st August.

Squid Navy School Show And Tell Small Hand

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