Sequences VIII   ::::::::::::     Elastic Hours curated by Margot Norton of the New Museum, NYC. 
Opening today at Marshallhúsið, Grandagarður 20

Kling og Bang 5pm
Anna K.E. & Florian Meisenberg
Ásgerður Birna Björnsdóttir
Rebecca Erin Moran
David Horvitz
Eduardo Navarro
Nancy Lupo
Sara Magenheimer
Una Sigtryggsdóttir

While the Sequences festival uses the term ͞real time͟ to refer to time-based media, ͞Elastic Hours͟ considers how the term might be applied to the experience
of art making, exploring how artists manipulate time as a raw material. The term ͞real time͟ also inherently conjures a juxtaposition with ͞unreal time,͟ posing 
the question as to why an abstract metric such as a clock may be considered more real than time as it is subjectively experienced. (Margot Norton)
a new work :  
498seconds. 2017.  salt, silver, sun.  dimensions variable.  mapping the photon as it refracts, reflects and absorbs in a space; a guided tour.
Kunstverein Munich 7pm
Theater of Measurement , a new rotation
New rotation of Theatre of Measurement with Roland Burkart, Vartan Avakian, Silvia Hell, Rebecca Erin Moran, Jonas von Ostrowski in the Schaufenster.
on view:
4meters is 21seconds, 2015, 16mm film, 4meters.  The Act of drying a brush.

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