Sarajevo: Invitation to participate in the First Olympics of Culture Sarajevo 2021

Dear National Committees,

Dear artists friends,

We have established a Project in coordination with the First Olympics of Culture Sarajevo 2021 (Bosnia-Herzigova) and its president Ibrahim Spahic. (Mr. Spahic is also the President of the renowned Sarajevo Winter Festival which is held every year in February)

The First Olympics of Culture Sarajevo 2021 starts 9th of May and ends 19th of May. So, we are asking you to send your contribution sent by e-mail to,

You can send a message preferably in English or French or in your native language. This can be an artistic message, a presentation of your own artistic work.

You can send by Youtube link or Vimeo or MP4.

Please read here below also the invitation of Ibrahim Spahic, asking the contributions of World artists. Mr. Spahic has especially asked participation of IAA artists. You can read here below attached in his letters. I will make together with Mr. Spahic the opening speeches of the First Olympics of Culture Sarajevo 2021, on this coming Sunday.

So do not forget that your contribution is welcome anytime between today and the 19th of May, which is almost two weeks.

The event will be held at the International Peace Center in Sarajevo.

Look forward to hear about your important contributions, which will enrichen this internatinal event in these hard pandemic times.

Best wishes, 

Bedri Baykam

World President

IAA -Official partner of UNESCO

Turkey m. +90 532 603 55 80
Paris m. +33 6 77 64 86 69


Dear President Mr.Bedri Baykam,

I hope you are well and healthy and your family and associates and members of the association.

I sent you an invitation to participate in the online First Olympics of Culture Sarajevo 2021.

I invite you to participate in the First Online Olympics of Culture Sarajevo from 9.5.-19.5.2021.under the motto Freedom of the Artist and the World Today. Your participation includes a message from the artist in your native language to the world of art and a presentation of your work of your choice. At the same time, it would be good to announce other artists who are members of the association who have an interest in the period from 9.5.-19. 5. 2021. participate with: 1. personal messages of artists to artists of the world, 2. their biography and 3. video contribution of poets, musicians, visual artists and philosophers.Time is not limited.

The program of the Olympic Games envisages that every day other selected artists from all fields of art and from all over the world will present themselves. The Olympics opens in the Garden of the Museum of Literature and Theater Arts of BiH The closing of the Olympics is a ZOOM conference of invited artists. The working language of the online meeting is English.

Your participation and the Olympics Program will be monitored via the Facebook pages of the Sarajevo Winter Festival, Instagram and Twitter. I invite you to confirm your participation and send your contributions including your biography, message and selected work to this email posted on Youtube.

Best regards

Ibrahim Spahić

president IPC/SWF

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