Samkeppni um útilistaverk í Svíþjóð


Public Art Agency Sweden and the Swedish Transport Administration are launchingChronotopia:
Centralen and Olskroken – an international art competition to contribute to one of Gothenburg’s
biggest-ever construction projects. Artists will get the opportunity to make large-scale artistic
designs for the West Link and Olskroken – new underground railway lines and installations beneath
central Gothenburg, including 14 new bridges at Olskroken.

The population of Gothenburg and the Västra Götaland Region is growing rapidly, and many people need
to be able get to where they want to go without a car. These are some of the factors underlying one of the
biggest-ever construction projects in Gothenburg. The West Link will connect the region to the city with a
new underground train connection, while its three new train stations will take some of the pressure off
Gothenburg Central Station. The new station environs, entrances, bridges and adjacent urban settings
created by the project will shape people’s living environments far into the future.

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