Rita Morais sýnir í Hvítspóa, Óseyri

Verið velkomin á opnun sýningar Portúgölsku listakonunnar Rita Morais, While listening to the fall of time… 
í Hvítspóa artstudio & gallery. Óseyri 2, 603 Akureyri
föstudaginn 8 júni frá kl 18 – 20.
sýningin stendur til 1. júlí
Um sýningu sína segir listakonan
(Rita Morais, 2018) starts from a symbolic approach to ice as memory, reverberation of the exterior on the interior replete with fissures and condensations, to give thought to the poetics of crystal that it ever so incarnates: the place where we are induced into the vertigo of the infinite return, or origins have origins have origins have origins… The crystal-image, Deleuze’s concept, is the direct image of time where the coalescence between past, present and future is given and the image’s prolongation cannot emerge unless if from the transcendental past. Crystals, as a formation of pure time, are in their poetics very close to the metaphor of ice. I C E – that which freezes, condenses, immobilizes, retains, conserves, remembers, crystallizes. However, ice gains shape on its particular breaches and gaps, just as the memory that has crystallize is in reality constituted by breaks and fissures. They are the agent that shapes, the one which reveals the slight fragments of condensed time. G A P S – breaks, fissures, breaches, the forgotten, fragmented, openness, possibility, language. To walk on ice: the attempt of finding time in a crystalline cosmos, the fragmented dialogue between ideas already known as distant and right, an encounter with the present that is so for being simultaneously already past.
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