SÍM Guest rooms

The SIM guest rooms are situated in the SIM House, SÍM office – Hafnarstræti 16, 101 Reykjavík.

There are four bedrooms available, a shared fully equipped kitchen, living room and bathroom. The guest rooms are rented out to artists, curators and others who are working in the field of visual art for 2-10 nights. The bedrooms are quite spacious with two beds each. Minimum two night stay! 

Rent 2017:

8000 ISK – per night for one.

12000 ISK – per night for two.

Sheets, towels and wireless internet access is included.

Smoking is not allowed indoors. Guests are required to clean the apartment and have it ready for other guests before they leave.

To book a guest room contact the office by e-mail: sim@sim.is or telephone (+354) 551-1346
No formal application needed.

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Is there a minimum/maximum time for staying at the SIM guesthouse?

The rooms are rented 1 night (minimum) – 10 nights ( maximum)

The price for 1 person is 8.000 isk per night

The price for 2 people is 12.000 isk per night.

Payment/how do I pay?

Payment with credit card on arrival can be done at the SIM office opening times; weekdays from 10-16.

Cash payment can be a left in the place instructed in the information post or at the SIM office opening times; weekdays from 10-16.

If guests prefer to pay with a bank transfer they need to get the necessary information for transactions at the SIM office and pay before arrival

Who can stay at the SIM guesthouse?

The SIM guesthouse provides accommodation for artists, curators and other individuals working within the art field.

Parking/is there parking close to the SIM house?

We do not have many parking spots available close to the guesthouse and the few ones that are available cost. We recommend an indoor parking space close to the Harpa music hall or to try to find parking a bit further away from the guesthouse.

Do I need to bring bed linen?

SIM provides guests with bed linen and towels as well as offering a washing machine for guests to use.

How many rooms are there in the SIM guesthouse?

The guesthouse has four rooms each accommodating two persons. The rooms can also be rented for one person.

Does the SIM guesthouse offer any kind of working space?

We have a space on the top floor of the guesthouse with a working tables that our guests are welcome to use.

Is it allowed to have children at the SIM guesthouse?

It is not allowed to bring children under 12 years to stay at the SIM guesthouse.

Is there some sort of kitchen facility at the SIM guesthouse?

The guesthouse has a fully equipped kitchen that guests are welcome to use. All guests are responsible for keeping the kitchen tidy and to deliver in a clean condition for the next guests arriving after them.

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