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PERVERT HUNT: CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS – collaborative archive on sexual harassment in public space

Pervert Hunt is a collaborative project by artists Eva Isleifs and Rakel McMahon curated by Christina Petkopoulou as an attempt to raise attention to the regularity of street harassment. It aims to become an exercise of gender equality in public spaces and everyday life. At a time when we fight constantly for the recognition of harassment and the way it pervades our lives physically or not, how do we identify the trauma within yet around us, inscribed in public space? How can we shed light into the blurry narrative of how public space is attributed to female identities?

After a year of fieldwork and research in the city of Athens and inspired by their own personal experiences Isleifs and McMahon want to hear YOUR stories. Have you confronted harassment in public space? How have such incidents affected you and your everyday experience in the city?

Take part in the collaborative archive:

-write your story that will remain anonymous 

-include info such as, how you felt, your reaction and how did others react on your experience

-send your stories on:

Your stories will remain anonymous throughout the project. The crowdsourcing archive will be published as an artbook and presented on our social media platform.

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