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Páll Haukur sýnir í Ms Barbers Gallerýi í Los Angeles

Overhead, Underfoot
January 7 – February 4
Opening Saturday January 7th 7-10
Organized by Conor Fields

Nicholas Arehart
Páll Haukur (website)
Pauline Shaw

The artists in this exhibition create their own flags by mining their personal, political, and cultural histories. They’re not quite like any other flag you’ve seen. Rather than cloth these flags are made of paper and felt and aluminum. They do not billow in the wind, but these are our flags.

One guy says “Why, I’m free to sleep
Where it says Keep Off The Grass!”
And a cop says, “Sure! An’ me, I’m free
To kick your lousy ass!”
The sun shoots down on many a head,
Some bushy and some bald
But away up high the stars and stripes
Waves on above us all

-Woodie Guthrie

5370 West Adams Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90016
Open Saturdays 12pm-7pm and by appointment


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