Örn Alexander Ámundason sýnir í Belfast – A Collaboration Monument


A Collaboration Monument

Örn Alexander Àmundason & Olof Nimar
3rd – 29th April
Opening 6 – 9pm, Thursday 2nd April

The idea of collaboration is problematic and often one side has to yield to the other. But when one side is more decisive in a project can it still be rightfully called collaboration? Some say that collaborations need leadership. Is this true? Or is it possible to collaborate in a completely non-authoritative, equal way and still manage to reach your goal?
On October 28th 2014 audience was invited to Platform Arts to see two performance where sketches for a collaboration monument were created. The artists, Àmundason & Nimar, were nowhere to be seen. They were in different rooms, in different countries, separately controlling the making of the sketches by giving orders to the only people visible to the audience; identical twins Karen and Claire Gibson. Karen was first, wearing headphones she got information from Nimar in one ear, and in the other information from Àmundason on what to draw.
She got orders like: “Draw a wavy line across the sheet of paper” or “Erase the square in the lower left corner”. Next up was Claire, she also had headphones on but instead of receiving live directions on what to draw, she heard a playback of the exact same directions given to Karen. By doing this the artists wanted to see if the identical twins would come up with the same drawing.
Upon completion the drawings were then given to local set designer, Stephen Bamford, who got the job of transcribing the two drawings into one three-dimensional sketch for a monument specifically designed for Platform Arts.
The finished monument and its whole process will be presented in the gallery space.
Örn Alexander Àmundason (b. 1984 Reykjavik, Iceland) and Olof Nimar (b. 1985 Hjo, Sweden) both graduated from Malmö Art Academy with an MFA in 2011. Since then they have collaborated on four different monuments. Previous exhibitions include One Night Only Gallery, Oslo, Norway; DordtYart, Dordrecht, the Netherlands; Galleri Mors Mössa, Gothenburg, Sweden; Restaurang Lele’s, Malmö, Sweden; Trondheim Kunstmuseum, Trondheim, Norway.

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