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Gunnhildur Hauksdóttir sýnir í Berlín




Hošek Contemporary is pleased to announce the official opening of its new location on board of Motor Ship Heimatland on the south-east bank of Museum Island in Mitte, Berlin. As its first exhibition in the new space, the gallery is proud to present an installation by Gunnhildur Hauksdóttir and Michael Klingner, taking place inside the cargo hold of the boat. The exhibition is curated by Linda Toivio.

Gunnhildur Hauksdóttir will prepare a site-specific version of the Pendulum Choir, an installation consisting of suspended rocks forming a makeshift stage for a performance. The inner part of the stage will accommodate her voice composition and audio installation Five Drawings, displayed in Berlin for the first time. Hauksdóttir, an internationally acclaimed artist originally from Iceland, has been collaborating with the gallery from its early days, therefore it was only natural to include her in the first exhibition and opening of the gallery’s new space. Hauksdóttir currently lives and works in Berlin and Reykjavík.

The entire light installation of the boat will be realised by Michael Klingner, a street artist, architect and designer. Complementing Hauksdóttir’s piece, he will present powerful light objects made from various types of coloured glass and brass. These high-tech, elegant and often minimalist art objects provide a contrast to the rusty interior of the old boat, which will be left in its original state during this particular site-specific show.

The performance will be followed by an Improvised & Experimental concert, this time with a string ensemble organised by Guilherme Rodrigues.

Historical context – From ship Ida to Hošek Contemporary

Built in 1910 in Fürstenberg an der Oder under the instructions of Wilhelm Mischke, MS Heimatland was operating under the name Ida and first used for transporting coal to a power station in Charlottenburg. After the Second World War, the 58-meter long ship was renamed Heimatland, meaning “homeland”. In the 60s, it was sailing on the river Elbe near Lauenburg and Bleckede, where it received a new wooden construction while the bow and motor got replaced. For the next two decades, Heimatland was transporting other ships between West Berlin and Lübeck, and in the 90s, the ship was used for moving sand and chippings on Elbe and Havel. Finally in 2002, it began serving for cultural purposes, when German sculptor Christiane Möbus chose it for her Nackte Tatsache Tatsache project. One of the last activities onboard was an exhibition on the topic of Homeland – Heimatland by the Refugee Academy of Berlin in July 2016. After months of negotiating, permission was granted for Heimatland to be used as an exhibition space and artist residency by Hošek Contemporary, a private art gallery established in 2016 by Petr Hošek. MS Heimatland is permanently anchored in the historic port of Berlin.

Heimatland – Europa, a project by Gil Russ

The chief architect of the project, Gil Russ, is transforming MS Heimatland into the headquarters of Hošek Contemporary, including an office, four studios for an art residency programme and a 150 m2 exhibition space. Emphasizing the fluid idea of homeland (Heimatland), he is questioning its meaning in the context of the current migration flows and the challenges faced by the original concept of the European Union. Following his idea, the ship will be a temporary cultural platform connecting the harbours within Europe.

Russ will be at the exhibition opening to present the architectural plans and blueprints of the project, which will be realised in four phases in the next 18 months.

Hošek Contemporary

Motor Ship Heimatland
close to Fisherinsel 3
10 179 Berlin
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