The Nordic Culture Fund has launched a new “rapid-response funding scheme” to make it easier to get Nordic projects off the ground.
The gap between an idea and a fully formed project often presents a challenge for those who want to work with art and culture under Nordic auspices.
The start-up phase of artistic and cultural projects
OPSTART bridges that gap and makes it easy to begin developing ideas for Nordic projects. START funds the start-up phase of artistic and cultural projects, i.e. concept development and networking. The application process is easy, there are no deadlines, the Fund informs applicants of its decision within two weeks and there is no co-funding requirement. The idea just has to involve a minimum of two Nordic countries and aim to involve more in the future.


Benny Marcel, Director of the Nordic Culture Fund says:

The idea behind START is to provide the stimulus for more people to gain experience of working with art and culture projects under Nordic auspices. It is for newcomers and experienced stakeholders alike who need funding to get their projects off the ground. We look forward to seeing new and unexpected projects emerging. In the long term, the initiative will encourage more people to take the plunge and plan major Nordic projects.

Facts about OPSTART
  • Anyone who wants to develop an idea for a Nordic arts and culture project is eligible to apply.
  • The project idea must involve at least one other Nordic country and aim to involve more in future.
  • You must not have previously applied to the Nordic Culture Fund for a grant for a similar project
  • You can apply for up to DKK 25,000 (DKK 35,000 if you live in Greenland)
  • There are no deadlines. All applications will be processed within two weeks.


The Nordic Culture Fund has earmarked DKK 2 million for START in 2015. The new pool is part of the general funding budget, so any unused START funds will be returned and redistributed.

Frekari upplýsingar má finna hér
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