Iceburg Turned

Opinn fyrirlestur í Listaháskólanum 09.03.

Föstudaginn 9. mars kl. 13.00 mun Lucy Byatt halda opinn fyrirlestur um verkefni sín og vinnuaðferðir í fyrirlestrarsal myndlistardeildar að Laugarnesvegi 91.

The starting point of the talk will be ‘site specificity’. I will describe some of the early projects I worked on in the 1990’s and compare these with projects that were commissioned through other organisation in that same period. I will then go on to talk about the specific institutions and the way in which they can be re-invented and re-thought for a new future and a new generation. The artist led organisation that seeded Spike Island, where I was director for six years from 2012 to 2018 is hardly visible yet still resisting change. The bequest set out by the 19th century artist Patrick Allan Fraser for Hospitalfield was simple and still remains as vitally important today as it did then – it is just that different demands need to be met. The talk will culminate in questions that we deal with at Hospitalfield on a daily basis:- In a world that is centred around cities, often very large cities, how can we make arts organisations for our rural places and smaller towns that are as critically important as those that exist in these centres? Our solution currently is that we have to create a new institution to fit our purpose and our place, we are underway but it will take time.

Essentially my talk will be about institutions – institutions that make it possible for artists to make work.

Lucy Byatt is the Director of Hospitalfield in Arbroath on the East Coast of Scotland, where she is working to establish a new institution within the life of a very long lasting history. This will include a major capital development that will restore the existing grade A listed buildings and gardens as well as the commissioning of new buildings where this will develop the facility to become a sustainable and world class facility. This will include studios, study space, residential facilities and the experience of the historic gardens and buildings and collections. She has developed the programme of residencies and commissions and in 2015 curated Scotland + Venice, Scotland’s contribution to the Venice Biennale with a commission by artist Graham Fagen.

Byatt hlaut BA gráðu í myndlist frá Brighton Polytechnic árið 1983 og MFA gráðu frá Listaháskólanum í Glasgow árið 1994. Hún hefur einnig stundað nám við Concordia Háskóla í Montreal. Þá hefur hún setið í stjórnum og ráðgjafahópum og er núverandi stjórnarmeðlimur í Matt‘s Gallery í London.

Fyrirlesturinn fer fram á ensku. Allir velkomnir meðan húsrúm leyfir.

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