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OPEN CALL: Residency in the UK for Iceland based artists

Freedom on the Waves – Freyr/Ross Revenge

– East Ridings & Iceland –

Einkofi Productions in partnership with Curated Place and Absolutely Cultured will host a residency in the UK as part of NATUR North Atlantic Tales, in order to explore the untold histories connecting the countries bordering the North Atlantic and North Sea. This Residency aims to specifically explore the stories, memories, myths and people that connect the East Ridings area of the UK, including Hull and Grimsby, to Iceland. A focal point will be the Icelandic/UK ship Freyr/Ross Revenge.  Originally built for a fishing company in Iceland in 1960, was later sold on to Grimsby, before becoming the last ever pirate Radio ship to serve as Radio Caroline. The ship represents a story of two communities connected by the sea and industry, the heritage of both official and illicit broadcasting across the waters, and a vessel steeped with a mythology both real and imagined.  The project aims to use it as a starting point for an investigation into how these trajectories connect the UK, Iceland and the other Nordic nations and how this can be expressed in public space.

Einkofi are currently looking for an artist to work with individuals, archives and museums in both the UK and Iceland to explore this connection and draw on the stories  to create a new artwork. The final work must involve visual projection and sound as an installation work and be suitable for outdoor exhibition at a light festival of new projection based work in December 2018 in Hull, with the research and final piece being featured in the ongoing NATUR publication and events.

We are looking for proposals from artists who have experience of using archives in their work, gathering oral histories and creating work in either projection or sound (or both), and who are happy to work in collaboration with the existing partners to help realise the full delivery of the project. We welcome an innovative artistic approach to the resulting work, in particular with how the projection and sound piece plays with public space. The new piece could be realised in a number of experimental ways, for instance it could be a projected onto a sculpture, monument or building, the sound and projection could inhabit an alleyway or public square and/or could involve interactive or immersive elements for audiences. The UK team will be able to assist with the research and development of the work and how it may be realised in public space.


  • Artist will need to be living and working in Iceland and will be required to work with both Icelandic and UK archives as part of the commission.
  • Artist will need to have experience in working with archives, museums, and collections and demonstrable research experience.
  • Artist will need to demonstrate how they have worked with projection and/or sound in their previous work.
  • Able to demonstrate a collaborative approach in their work and willing to work with the production teams to realise the project.
  • Ready to attend at least 2 residencies of up to 5 nights from August to November plus exhibit at the beginning of December.
  • Willing to stay involved in the NATUR project and connect with other NATUR artists throughout the project duration.

Residency can be arranged between August and Early November with the new work ready for exhibition in Hull in beginning of December 2018 before the possibility of touring to the other NATUR partners.

Fee: €2000 plus flights, accommodation, and production costs up to €6000.

DEADLINE 13th August 2018

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