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OPEN CALL for Visual Arts Project – KUNSTLED VESTFOLD 2019  

Opportunity for artists from Iceland, Scotland and Vestfold. 

Vestfold Art Center is collaborating with The Stove Network in Dumfries in Scotland and List i Ljosi Light Art Festival in Seydisfjordur, Iceland on an artist exchange program where visiting artists will work together with local visual artists, on two site specific art projects for outdoor spaces in Vestfold, Norway. 

The project «Kunstled Vestfold» has as a chief goal to promote local identity and environmental development, through working together, holding workshops in the local community and developing work in collaboration with local resource groups in the area. 

The two sites are in the city of Tønsberg and on the island of Veierland, both in the county of Vestfold, Norway. 

  • We are looking for an Icelandic visual artist with relevant experience within the site specific and/or Environmental Art practice for a collaborative working residency on the island of Veierland in Vestfold county, Norway.  
  • And a visual artist from Scotland (preference will be given to artists from or with a strong connection to Dumfries and Galloway though anyone resident in Scotland is welcome to apply) with similar experience for a working residency in the city of Tønsberg, also in Vestfold county, Norway.  
  • The residence artist will collaborate with a Norwegian artist with local knowledge on a joint art project.  
  • The project/period/development phase runs from January/February 2019.  
  • The actual residency will last from 3 to 4 weeks in June 2019, and project itself will be realized on site from the beginning of June.  
  • It is prerequisite that the project must run independently / be exhibited for the whole duration of the summer to the end of August. 
  • The choice of genre and materials for the project is open but must fit into this brief. 
  • A description of the actual project must be approved by Vestfold Art Centers Curatorial team by May 2019. 

Application Requirements: 

  • letter of interest with motivation for your participation in the project (a maximum of 1 page). 
  • CV (a maximum of 2 pages) 
  • Documentation from previous projects and artistic practice (a maximum of 1 page of text and 10 images)  
  • All combined in one PDF document with the artists name.  
  • In a total of maximum 5 MB. 
  • Applications from Iceland and Norway to be sent to 
  • Applications from Scotland to be sent to 
  • Only digital applications according to these requirements will be considered. 

Application deadline: 1 November 2018 at 24.00 

Final selection of artists will be made by a panel consisting of: Two artists appointed by Vestfold Art Centre, an artist appointed by Telemark Art Centre, a representative from Færder/Tønsberg Municipality Council and a representative from Vestfold County Council. A binding agreement is made between the elected artist and Vestfold Art Centre. 

Applications from Scotland will be short-listed by the Curatorial Team at The Stove Network, in Dumfries, with chosen applicants required to visit the Stove for a pre-interview which will then be taken into consideration by the final selection panel after a second interview 

Pre-interviews will take place on Monday the 12th of November – please indicate in your application if you are not able to make this date. 


To find out more about The Stove see website:   

Economy/resources: There will be an artist fee of 40 000 NOK (currently around £3600) given to each artist involved, and a remuneration for materials of 50 000 NOK (currently around £4600) for each art project (two artists). In addition to this, the Art Center will pay the travel costs for one trip to and from Norway, and the accommodation provided during the residency. 

Workshops will be part of the project with a separate budget allocation.  

Travel within Norway will not be covered and any extra materials or expenses costs out with those already mentioned will need to be arranged prior to spend. 

Expectations of the artists: We are looking for visual artists with relevant experience within site specific and/or environmental art practice and semi-permanent installation works.  

We would prefer an artist that enjoys working with other artists and amateurs alike. Who wish to share their expertise, inspire a collective and inclusive process, and has an interest and enthusiasm to learn and explore the local narratives, and that will create work that is of high quality that will be relevant to the locals.  

Vestfold Art Center will  

  • Assist in the collaboration between the local artist and the international artists.  
  • Mediate contact between local collaboration partners in the Councils administrations.  
  • Co-ordinate and plan workshops and presentations and make sure information flows between collaborators. 

Site Development Perspective: Art can be a bearer of history and a toolbox for new ways of exploring issues and stimulate to independent reflection. Vestfold is a county rich in historic cultural sites, but also a community undergoing changes, a part of the central Østlands area and a participant in the development of modern Norway. «Kunstled Vestfold» is about place identity in development. 

Veierland is an island in Færder District. Færder has approx. 25.000 inhabitants and on the 4,4 square kilometers large island of Veierland there are 110 permanent residents. In the summer the population increases with 3.000 summer guests in the many summerhouses and cabins. Veierland has grave mounds from the Bronze Age and the oldest farms on the island are mentioned in written sources from the Middle Ages. Farming, fishing and maritime shipping seafaring was important in the past. Today most of the resident’s commute to the mainland in Tønsberg and Oslo for work.   


An important challenge for the community of Veierland has been to stop the reduction in population of permanent inhabitants. Development of local workplaces and create room for  good experiences is central to promote a permanent settled population on the island. 


Founded in the year 871 Tønsberg is considered Norway’s oldest city. The municipality has approx. 51.000 inhabitants. Tønsberg has a good number of older well looked after and conserved wooden townhouses and buildings, a popular seaside and an active cultural scene, especially in the summer. The town also have many archaeological and historical sites.  


As many other smaller cities Tønsberg is facing challenges both from the larger cities in the region, from the surrounding shopping centres and the city’s big commercial shopping mall. The city centre sees fewer people in the streets and the number of inhabitants commuting to the larger cities are increasing.  


Tønsberg municipality council has recently prepared a new Town planning strategy for the towncenter, providing guidelines for the future development of 15 smaller parts. The purpose is to enhance the diversity of the towncenter, raise the quality and open the rooms for new activities. 

The Kunstled project in Tønsberg will be realized in one of these parts of the town. 


Possible location/sites for realizing «Kunstled» will be chosen in cooperation with Municipality Counsils and the Curatorial team. 


The project is supported by: Tonsberg Municipality Council, Færder Municipality Council, Vestfold County Council and Bildene Kunsteres Hjelpefond. 

Producer: Vestfold Kunstsenter. 

We take reservations for any misprints.


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