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‘Young Arctic Artists 2019’ exhibition promotes emerging contemporary art from northern areas of Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Russia. Exhibition will take place in Gallery Napa, Mustanapa and surrounding city space (Rovaniemi, Finland) 5.6.2019 – 3.7.2019.

Exhibition is managed by Artists’ Association of Lapland and co-curated by artist-producers Ninni Korkalo (Finland) and Panu Johansson (Finland).

Under thematic umbrella of ‘Transmission of Knowledge’, Young Arctic Artists now invites proposals for works and projects for its 2019 edition.

Deadline for applications is 15th of February 2019.

Young Arctic Artists 2019 is the third of three international exhibitions organized in Rovaniemi between years 2016-2019 promoting emerging artists working in the arctic.

The exhibition will be part of the programme in Arctic Arts Summit 2019.

The aim of this exhibition series project is to map out the scene of young contemporary art in the selected northern geographic area, advance its visibility and to create new networking possibilities for artists, curators and other creative professionals.

Each exhibition is managed by Artists’ Association of Lapland and curated by different emerging curators or curatorial teams. One catalog that presents all three exhibitions, will be created at the end of the project.

Project is funded by the Nordic Culture Fund, The Arts Promotion Centre Finland – The Regional Office of Lapland, and the Artists’ Association of Lapland.

Thematic call:

Transmission of Knowledge : from there to here – and from here forth

Young Arctic Artist Open Call 2019 addresses the transmission of memory and knowledge among all species.

There are memories and knowledge that we are not able to reach yet still exist. What do we know about the time beyond our living memory? Do our families hold our memories? How can we quantify memory and knowledge in our inheritance? What else could the term “memory” mean in the context of our biosphere?

For example, Greenland sharks* live up to 500 years; What kind of knowledge will they pass on to future generations of sharks about their environment and culture?

Who are we and where are we going? What will become of us? What will come after us? Could our memories affect our present actions? If so, how? What do we transmit from here to there?

We have an open call for related submissions from a personal to global scale, from ancient eras to present Anthropocene*, and to the distant future.

* http://www.geerg.ca/greenland-shark.html


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