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OPEN CALL: CLIMATE ART 2019 – Nordic expression

Artists from Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark are invited to submit works of art to the exhibition KLIMAKUNST 2019 – nordiske udtryk. The exhibition will be displayed at Rebildcentret from May 26 to August 31, 2019.

In 2016, Rebildcentret arranged its first exhibition of Nordic artwork thematically referencing global climate challenges. Through art, Rebildcentret wanted to increase interest in climate issues and, vise versa, through climate to increase interest in art. With ingenuity, sensitivity and humor, the 16 handpicked artists, each in their own unique way, and poets made climate issues come live for the audience. You can read more about KLIMAKUNST 2016 at www.rebildcentret.dk

With KLIMAKUNST 2018 – nordiske udtryk we want to establish a tradition for juried climate art exhibitions. Thus we hope to maintain both artists’ and audience members’ focus on the climate changes that cause special challenges in the Nordic countries. The exhibition also aims to strengthen Nordic cooperation by creating knowledge and relationships between Nordic artists across state borders. Rebildcentret wishes to contribute to the development of a network of climate art based on common Nordic values: meeting, conversation, cooperation, reflection, trust and mutual respect.

For this year’s exhibition, Rebildcentret has set a judging committee comprising painter Bolatta Silis-Høegh (Greenland), sculptor Jens Galschiøt (DK), art photographer Niels  Fabæk (DK), composer Ane Østergaard (DK) and climate campaigner Sussi Handberg (DK). Based on their assessment of both the artistic qualities and the relevance to climate issues of the artists’ digital submissions, the committee will choose works of art for the exhibition. All kinds of visual arts are welcome; land art projects can be realized on the center’s nature areas.

During the exhibition period, Rebildcentret expects to implement special events in collaboration with the individual artists. These may be, for example, workshops, presentations or performances.

Please see entry details and practical information below.

Røde Møllevej 4
DK 9520 Skørping
Tlf. (45) 98 37 51 12 / (45) 98 37 55 00

Anette Bruun Hansen

Rebildcentret is a privately owned cultural center near Rebild Bakker in northern Jutland. KLIMAKUNST 2019 – nordiske udtryk will be displayed in our 450 m2 exhibition halls and, if relevant, outdoors in the center’s nature areas.

23 March 2019 Participant registration by e-mail
01 April 2019 Deadline for submission of digital assessment material
29 April 2019 Artists receive notification of the judging committee’s results
26 May 2019 Exhibition opening
31 August 2019 Last opening day

Applications for admission to KLIMAKUNST 2019 – nordiske udtryk starts with registration by e-mail to anette@rebildcentret.dk latest March 3, 2019. The applicant states name, date of birth, address, telephone number, e-mail and, if relevant, the artist’s website.

Each artist can apply for admission of a maximum of 5 artworks. The applicant is not anonymous during the selection. We conduct unit censorship, the selection committee decides on all submitted works jointly; thus, there are no art categories for censorship.

We only accept digital assessment material. These may also include photographs or short films showing existing works of art or descriptions of ideas for new artwork including detailed sketches or photographs of three-dimensional models.

The following file formats can be submitted: Jpeg, PDF (A4) and Powerpoint. Images in jpeg format must be at least 3600 pixels at the longest end to make it possible to zoom in on details. Video files are submitted as mp4 and audio files as mp3.

Send material for evaluation to anette@rebildcentret.dk, along with a document stating the title, size, materials and, if possible, the price of the individual pieces of art.

If the files fill more than 10 Mb in all, please transfer to anette@rebildcentret.dk using the website www.wetransfer.com.

As a privately owned cultural center, without state support, Rebildcentret endeavors to conduct significant events, such as KLIMAKUNST 2019 – nordiske udtryk within sustainable budgets.

This means that:
– there is no artists’ fee for submitting proposals or works of art for evaluation
– there is no participation fee nor exhibiters fee for the exhibiting artists
– based on specific application, Rebildcentret can provide financial support for travel
expenses in relation to the completion of works of art at Rebildcentret and for
shipment of works of art to the exhibition.

If works of art are sold from the exhibition, 20% of the sales price will be calculated as a commission to Rebildcentret. The artists are advised to include this figure in their net selling prices.

The exhibiting artists have the responsibility to insure their works of art during transportation to and from Rebildcentret. During the exhibition period, artwork within the exhibition building is covered by Rebildcentret’s insurance company, Gjensidige Forsikring. The outdoor areas are not fenced in, and works of art exhibited in these areas are not covered by our insurance.

The exhibition will be advertised on social media and in local, regional, and nationwide Danish newspapers. The exhibition will also be announced on Rebildcentret’s website, www.rebildcentret.dk, as well as in Rebildcentret’s annual marketing brochure, printed in 20.000 copies.

Rebildcentret will publish press releases and invite regional and nationwide media when
opening and also at special events held during the exhibition period.

Lastly, Rebildcentret will undertake publishing a printed catalog for the exhibition.

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