Open call for artists: Berlin/Beijing/2018

Open call for artists

Pontomenta supposing to be an annual exhibition of contemporary visual art.

It will be an inter-Eurasian cultural event on a yearly regular basis , which mend to foster the ongoing intercultural influence/exchange in the field of arts between the western and the eastern parts of the eurasian continent. Planned first venues are Berlin and Beijing. Young and salient artists from both cultural areas, Asia and Europe, come together to show their works and to give the respective visitor multifaceted insights on the current state of the art in the the young and dynamic field of fine arts in their respective country, getting the different perspectives together, bring understatement for foreign cultural influence and viewpoints closer to visitors, overcome language borders, promoting global relations, exchanges and ideas by expressing their own.

The Ponto wants to concur with local galleries/cultural places from Berlin and Beijing

To create a regular and comfortable structure and cultural frame for its visitors.

The respective themes of the Ponto are variable from event to event, however the Ponto is designed as a dual exhibition with similar appearance in Berlin and Beijing.

A maximum number of 15 participants from Europe (including neighborhood countries) and 15 participants from Asia per year guarantees a conducive and esteeming atmosphere for all the artists and their work.

Conditions for applying:

• There is no entry fee.

• Each author may submit portfolios, , CV and artist statement.

The curators will select the artists . After the selection the organizers will cover the agreed production costs of the works including the artist fee, travel and accommodation costs. to Berlin and Beijing.

Works can be submitted to:

Deadline: 10st November 2017

All authors will be notified about the selection mid of December of 2017.

For more information:

curator: Lilit Stepanyan :

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