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The national hospital in the Faroe Islands, Landssjúkrahúsið, is looking for visionary artists and artisans.

The National Hospital of the Faroe Islands, Lands sjúkrahúsið, in Tórshavn will have a new building in 2020 named
H-bygningurin. The ambition is to create a landmark that both signals aesthetic qualities and compassion and puts the Faroe Islands on the world map through a visionary
hospital project.

The building will be located close to the harbor and will be seen from the sea and from above. It will be like a lighthouse for the capital Tórshavn and for the Faroe Islands as such.

DKK 2 million have been allocated to arts and crafts installation in the building program. This aims at making a visit to the new hospital building a unique, intimate, safe and positive
experience for employees, patients and their families.

The committee emphasizes that the artists involve both patients, families and staff in their artistic approach.

To read a thorough description of the application form and of the project, visit  www.landsverk.fo

18. AUGUST 2016 KL. 15.00

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