Room.Nara Walker

Nara Walker, gestalistamaður SÍM, opnar sýningu í Flæði mánudaginn 16.september kl.17

“The wind is whistling past my ears and the sound echoes through the surrounding tree’s. There’s no view but a hill dotted with snow. I wonder if it will still be here when I go…”
~ Nara Walker, Diary entry 21.02.19

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Room is a collection of works on paper that were created whilst I was incarcerated in Iceland between the the 20th of February – 21st of May 2019.
A sterile prison awaited my entry whilst I stood with the protest that gathered in front. Solidarity was felt and showed strength for fellow survivors of domestic abuse. Once inside I was alone in cell 05:04, it connected to the hallway which directed the inmates steps past each other’s spaces. Home now was just the parameter of a room.

Reaching international media has given a voice to my story which many women speak. A petition for my pardoning surpassed 43,000 signatories and was handed over to parliament on June 12th 2019. My case continues with The European Court of Human Rights.

My art practice delves deeply into self-expression and brings awareness to domestic abuse and empowering women. The works on show were created with water colour, acrylic, charcoal and ink. They vary in size. It can be seen that through the abstract expressive nature depictions of faces appear. My practice revolves around capturing the human condition, reflecting on society and personal interpretation from my own experiences.

Flæði er staðsett við Grettisgötu 3, 101 Reykjavík

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