Myreya Samper in Arte de la Tierra – Mexico, land -art

Mireya Samper participates in the land art festival Arte de la Tierra –  5th Land Art Festival 2016 Paricutín. From 16th of July to 6th of August.

An international event hosting 20 artists during 3 weeks. This event Earth Art, is a gathering of visual artists who work as artist in residence for promoting and producing artistic heritage linked to the landscape, but not just as a subject but also as space, matter and concept, creating this production ephemeral art in the landscape, which will be held in solidarity and communal way, through an approach that includes participation from the local to the global.  Past experiences, developed in the Paricutin volcano landscape have offered knowledge and methods that have enriched the participants. With over 60 plastic interventions from the first Festival in 2006 the project has been generated by visual artists, so as to include the participation of other visual artists and generate with this cultural heritage and on society. In turn, the consumption of these goods, there are organised guided visits artworks sites, edited catalogs, presentations in Art Faculties in Mexican Universities, museums and videos for broadcast.

Arte de la Tierra


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