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Mireya Samper tekur þátt í Naxos Festival 2016

This year, as a part of Naxos Festival at the Bazeos tower, seven international artists:

Hiroshi Egami from Japan, Mireya Samper and Kristjana Samper from Iceland, Saulius Valius and Diana Radaviciute from Lithuania, Dimitris Dimitriadis and the Klaus Pfeifer from Greece, portray through a variety of expressive media -text, painting, sculpture, video, installations in situ- new mythologies seeking to reveal the dynamic in the projection of ideas hidden within us.

An alternative way for us to comprehend the collective unconscious, as expressed through the myths and their modern perspective.
Curator: Mario Vazaios

Organiser: AEON Non Profit Cultural Organization
Bazeos Tower, 17th century’s monument. 12th km of Chora-Agiassos road.

Nánari upplýsingar hér.

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