Mireya Samper sýnir á Bali

MIREYA SAMPER solo exhibition
9th October – 9th November 2018

Mireya Samper is an Iceland born artist, who travels around the globe with her artworks. Mireya graduated with a Master Degree in Fine Arts from France in 1993. As a creator of installations, her work supersedes the identity as sculptor or painter, working parallel in two and three dimensions for museums on in-situ. With ease, she creates poetical, minimal works that are either ephemeral or carved in stone. Pulling together Prima Matera into concepts of time and space her oeuvres create connections between the natural elements of water, light, wind, stone, and consciousness. As the artist states: her subject matter is a poetic image of the circle of life — the internal and external cosmos. There water and light, both metaphors for infinity and repetition, coalesce. She contemplates life’s water and light, their various embodiments, and their influence on the entirety of life and nature. As a metaphor she uses the ephemeral form of the drop in suspension in various ways: it is carved in stone, it appears as a floating form. Thus the drop has a dual significance; it symbolizes both feelings, with the dual meaning of circularity, the source of water and its pluvial. The water drops relate to both time and eternity.

Furthermore, the artist employs light, the reflection of light, or allusions to it, as a symbol of our inner self, of something higher, of peace, eternity and universal value. Eternity unfolds the universe.

Intrinsic — the standing exhibition in Tony Raka Gallery, in Bali, is an exhibition based on paperwork that explores the miscellaneous intricacies of dimensions. The artist is referring to the essential values of life, and with her installation, reminding us of our neighbors, she creates a platform to aid and donate help to one of Indonesia’s islands: Lombok, where there was a disastrous earthquake recently, which left the island and its inhabitants in abhorrent circumstances.

Mireya Samper hopes to encourage people to connect with their inner-selves, the external worlds, and the cosmos that help us find peace within.

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