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Mireya Samper solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art of the State of Mexico

In the exhibition “Perpetuity” the Icelandic artist Mireya Samper at the Museum of Modern Art of the State of Mexico, presents a series of works created specifically for the site, revealing in each expression evocations of water as a fundamental element of the human existence. The artist takes us on a journey of sensations and reflection of her internal dialogue and perceptions of the various places where she has mastered her artistic practice.

Mireya, always expresses in her work, a strong influence of her native environment, Iceland. In this land of rock, fire, wind and water, where the perpetual elements of the wild and natural vastness is revealed and the hand of man is imperceptible and landscapes are expressed as textures of colors, sounds and smells. Mireya eloquently captures on washi paper an ocean of possibilities and embodiments of water, as ideas, feelings and poems.

As a tribute to the great design of our planet, Mireya manages to understand and communicate the fine and sophisticated miracle the world is. The work of the Icelandic artist displays a dialogue between technique and feelings, between meticulous execution and expression of the elements, which together explore the relationship between the profound world of humans and their natural environment.

Armando Gómez Martínez

Artist, Professor and Director,

Toluca, Mexico, 2016.

The exhibition is open until 28th of August.
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