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Mireya Samper opened “Kjarni (Core)” in Strasbourg

From 18 June to 31 July 2017

Wed / Fri – 11 am to 6 pm – Sat / Sun – 2 pm to 6 pm
at 23, rue Boecklin, Strasbourg

Free admission
At the heart of things, core/kjarni in Icelandic, one can see the spiral of Mireya Samper traced in a flexible movement. By illustrating this perpetual movement, the spiral represents both the path to the infinite and the path towards the interior, towards oneself. It is the one that weaves the thread of the exhibition of this Icelandic artist presented at Apollonia.  Waving between inside and outside, the spiral is revealed in her work in several forms. It is drawn endlessly on long sheets of paper, could be guessed in the movement of water circulating in a pond; it maintains close links with the musical rhythm of the mantra, but also with the wave that propagates on the surface of the water.  Water is a vital part of the life cycle, therefore it appears as a harmonious expression between the works, linking spirals and drops… Drop of water, the other essential element, emerges either being sculpted in Icelandic volcanic pebbles, or being traced on paper covered with wax.  By participating in the unveiling of a unique artistic approach, Apollonia becomes the ideal setting for the deployment of the contemplative dimension of Mireya Samper’s creations. Among them, Source – Pluvial, one mind (2014), the centerpiece of the exhibition, and Family Bonds, a unique work created for the garden, both encouraging true introspective meditation.

The Kjarni exhibition, which is presented after a residence of several weeks, arose from close collaborations with the LANA paper mill.

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