Síðasti dagur sýningarinnar Circumspection er 25. nóvember, verið velkomin í Studio Sól frá 14-17 að sjá verkin hennar Claudiu áður en sýningin lýkur! Heitt á könnunni og léttar veitingar í boði.

STUDIO SOL presents work by German photographer Claudia Hausfeld in the exhibition CIRCUMSPECTION. Claudia Hausfeld’s artistic practice deals with photography and its connection to reality. The central element of her work takes a start at photography’s claim to authenticity and follows it through various bends and tricks towards abstraction. The exhibition, Circumspection, is about just that, journeying around things and objects and places. In her artistic method, Hausfeld uses her photography and practice to gain a full comprehension of an object, and whilst also questioning whether such a comprehension is even possible. In her images we take this journey with Hausfeld, traveling through and around the conception of an object, through this circumspection we find its true meaning. We discover the object through coming back to and around itself. Ultimately, Hausfeld wants to free the image from the burden of recognizability, to keep the eye wandering in search for meaning and to make that incongruency visible. Hausfeld examines the two dimensionality of the image through layering and use of flat space, conflating directions and orientation. She uses different tools to achieve confusion: digital manipulation, folding and crumbling of the image plane, creating three dimensional image-objects, direct cutting of images and collage, rephotographing, using macro lenses etc. Hausfeld´s most recent work takes her back to the darkroom, to the beginning of photography. The analogue process is deeply rooted in actual scientific technology, at the same time it is escorted by alchemy and magic. The direct relation between surfaces, light, time and chemicals offers many ways to create the incongruency that can free photography from its obligation to depict and lift it into the realm of abstraction.

Claudia Hausfeld, born 1980 in Berlin, studied photography at the Zürich University of the Arts and completed her BA in fine arts from the Iceland Art Academy in 2012. She has held exhibtions widely, amongst them in the Fotoforum Pasquart in Biel, Switzerland, Hafnarborg art museum, Listasafn Reykjavík and the National museum of Iceland (Þjóðminjasafn). Her work is featured in private collections both in Iceland and abroad and in the Hoffmann-Roche collection in Switzerland. She has been an active member of several artist run initiatives in Iceland, Denmark and Switzerland and recently completed a three year membership of the of the Living Art Museum in Reykjavík. Additional to her artist practice, Claudia shares the management of the photography workshop of the Iceland Art Academy.



Vagnhöfði 19, 110 Reykjavik



Studio Sol is a curatorial space presenting exhibitions in my home in Reykjavik’s artist-inhabited community in the warehouse district in Höfðabakki. Studio Sol will showcase the artistic and cultural talent and beauty of Reykjavik and its unique artistic expression. This attention to experimentation, innovation, and the unorthodox is its focus and mission statement, a playground for artists to attempt something new, fearless of the consequences, to see what can be, and what can be created. Studio Sol will exhibit contemporary, experimental, and performance art, with a specific focus on newly emerging artists and talent in Reykjavik´s art world, to provide an opportunity and locus for curators, artists, and collectors to connect and engage in artistic dialogue and expression. We will focus on the diversity of voices in Reykjavík, and the common thread that they weave together.

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