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Listastofan: These are The Islands in Bygone Seas, Oct. 13th

These are the Islands in Bygone Seas
Wiola Ujazdowska & Hildur Ása Henrýsdóttir

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Opening night: October 13th 18:00-20:00
Open until October 20th, Wed-Sat, 13:00-18:00

”These are The Islands in Bygone Seas is a show by Wiola Ujazdowska and Hildur Ása Henrýsdóttir presenting a different perspective on Medea — the main character in a Greek tragedy written by Euripides. The tragedy tells a story of a passionate, foreign (described as barbarian) and mysterious (she knew magic) woman, that has been betrayed and used by Jason — her lover and father of her children — and put into new social circumstances. Medea kills her own children as an act of revenge on Jason, however driving herself into misfortune and despair.
As a character she has all the attributes that weren’t desirable for a female: wise, aware of her rights and opportunities, responsible for her own fortune, fighting for her independence and needs. She doesn’t fit into the patriarchal society and rules of Corinth so she becomes The Other — a barbarian, a witch. Dangerous, outlaw, adamant and determined.

Artists are creating a dialogue between the context of the play Medea and their own experiences to ask a question what is femininity? What does it mean to be a female immigrant/nomad? How does migration connect to the body and how it transforms or deforms?

Exhibition is a part of Hidden People — a project raising awareness on immigration in Iceland (www.huldufolk.net).
It is a collaboration of the founder Wiola Ujazdowska and Maria Carmela Raso (MSEA), Martyna Flux Daniel and Patrycja Bączek.

Wiola Ujazdowska is a Polish multidisciplinary artist, based in Iceland. She is currently working on a subject of transforming exclusion in contemporary art into accessibility and inclusion.

Hildur Ása Henrýsdóttir is an Icelandic artist, based in Reykjavík.
She works with different mediums like painting, drawing, sculpture, installation and photographs. In her works she focuses on emotions and existential, internal conflicts and ponders on how the external world shapes individuals and influences their experiences.
Hildur has studied in Iceland and the Netherlands and has exhibited in Iceland as well as Europe.


Hringbraut 119

101 Reykjavik
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