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Listastofan: PAN WANKA by Will Thomas Freeman

Will Thomas Freeman

Opening | Tuesday, June 12 at 17:00

Exhibition is running until June 14, 2018

OPENING HOURS: Wednesday – Thursday, 13:00 –17:00 and by appointment


William Thomas Freeman is an English film director and writer who lives in the Czech Republic. He relocated from London to Prague in 2012 so that he could concentrate on his film-making without the obstructions and expenses of life in the UK. Living in the former Eastern bloc precludes complacency and he never ceases to be amazed and entertained by the unpredictable events and attitudes that he encounters and which have dramatically influenced his narrative voice. For William, film is a distillation of all the arts and it allows him to speak with more creative fluency than any other medium. He is enthralled by the power and impact of images and the hold they can have over people.

“I’d be lying if I said that I never tried to seek out “la boheme”. In fact, a search for evidence, however flimsy, of its continued existence has been a defining part of my rapidly fading youth. However, I’m lucky in that I tend to attract it with very little effort, even when I am not in the mood. The events recorded in these vignettes are all true, in which my role as protagonist, voyeur, and a more than aware bystander has been recorded faithfully, with only the occasional flourish for the sake of narrative clarity and cohesion. Photographs, displayed along side of the text, are an abstract attempt to explain and communicate what my words cannot.”

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