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Listastofan | In Isolation | Collective Exhibition & DJ Set

In Isolation | Collective Exhibition & DJ Set
Julie Dodge, Réza Kalfane, Florence Larbey, Randy Antonia Lott

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Opening night: November 21st 18:00-20:00
Open until November 24th, Wed-Sat, 13:00-18:00

A collective exhibition by four different artists, who collaborated in their travels through remote parts of Iceland while providing a unique perspective on documenting the peaceful, profound, beautiful, isolated locations – which are collated here to create a narrative of their journey together.

During the opening, DJ Domdetoer, who has played at Listastofan last year, will be on a mission to create a mysterious and sensual atmosphere through a mix of Icelandic-International electronic music.

Julie Dodge:
Julie is an avid traveller and an experienced photographer, having received her first camera at the age of five. Stylistically her work evokes great depth and mood through composition as a narrative device. Often her inspiration comes from small moments in far away places. Her upcoming projects include a gallery exhibition in Iceland, a book documenting her travels to Georgia and Azerbaijan, and a photography workshop in Argentina.

Réza Kalfane:
Réza has always practiced photography in parallel with his studies as an engineer. In 2012, he discovered Iceland and became immediately passionate about its enigmatic landscapes and vast spaces.
Réza seeks to transcribe the landscapes of the Far North with the most fidelity possible by depriving them of all visual artifice. Contemplative, the landscapes he seeks to capture are rough, authentic, and minimal while keeping their mystery.
He continued his work of observation of the Arctic landscapes, even if Iceland remains his major source of inspiration, both photographically and culturally.

Florence Larbey:
Florence is a Paris-based graphic designer, with an extensive experience in Publishing and Editorial Design. Over the years, she has developed a taste for minimalism mixed with a fine art approach and has collaborated on several different design projects. At the same time, passionate about photography, since 2015 Florence followedPhotography Workshops at Beaux Arts de Paris where she has developed personal projects focusing on photo books. Her participation in the book ÍSLAND is in the continuity of her vocation and offered her a total freedom of creation.

Randy Antonia Lott:
Randy is a Brooklyn-based architect and artist.
For the past few years Randy has donated architectural design services to a non-profit organisation – the 14+ Foundation. As an artist, Randy’s work is very multi-faceted. Her ink drawings are very detailed and powerful, and she gets inspiration from travelling. Her work at The Factory uses her unique drawing style to document the experience of beautiful isolation, found in the stunning landscapes of Iceland and the Faroe Islands. Randy has exhibited her work in multiple shows and fairs and has also founded Studio 483 NYC, which focuses on art direction, curation, fine art, + design.

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