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Listamannaspjall í Hafnarborg 27. nóvember kl. 14

Entangle our minds like as our bodies are.

In November, the artists Wiktoria Wojciechowska og Piotr Marzec have been staying at the Hafnarborg artist residence. Wiktoria and Piotr are here from Poland, but the artist residency is specially intended for foreign artists. The purpose of the program is to give artists the opportunity to get to know Iceland, find inspiration and even to make connections with the Icelandic art scene.

During her previous journeys to Iceland, Wiktoria Wojciechowska prepared works on spirituality and energy. Piotr Marzec was invited to join for spiritual renewal and exploring new forms of artistic expression. The question the artists ask each other is whether the experience of energy, danger and emotions between people can be transmitted to the viewers and whether the communication by different languages and media can reveal one person’s feelings and experience to others.

The multimedia artists will host an “Open Studio” in Hafnarborg on Sunday November 27th at 3 pm, where they will inform guests about their works and talk about the process of creation.

Seeing the invisible, saying the unspeakable, reading what is unwritten: the artists tried to follow the path of symbols created by experiences, share their inspirations and entangle their thoughts…

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