Laufey Jonansen sýnir í New York

Laufey Jonansen

Dates: October 31 – November 4, 2018
Hours: Wednesday–Sunday, 12–6 PM

Artifact is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of paintings by an Icelandic artist Laufey Johansen.

Whether by inclusion of underwater scenes of nature or through monochromatic textured abstractions Laufey Johansen’s paintings have within them a holistic quality that overrides the particulars we see framed within the vision of each subject matter. There is a palpable and necessary condition of positive ambiguity and other-worldliness in the artist’s works, which pervades each scene and which brings it to an exquisitely high level of intelligibility. Intuition overrides the structure here, as it does color and form altogether, although these two aspects of creativity are satisfyingly applied in each of the artist’s works before us. There is that intangible “more” at play in these remarkable paintings whose very aura of mystery, so hard to pin down and express in words, is proof of its measure.

Laufey Johansen has nurtured essential qualities that have contributed to making of her art. Each of these aspects, in a sense, trans- forms into and reinforces the other and allows its companion qualities to take root. Each of these conditions, in effect, co-exists and is part of the very fabric of art making that the artist is engaged in.

The first quality that is immediately clear in the artist’s paintings is a result of the artist’s imposing capacity to regulate the forms and compositions so as to inspire a quality of “spiritual presence” that permeates her work. This is that essential vitality, which makes each painting come alive for the viewer.

Another aspect of Johansen’s art that gives it its authoritative character is the evident conjunction of opposites which is allowed to become manifest. This last aspect is a pre-condition of the first two aspects described above. This coniunctio oppositorum, as Carl Jung, describes it, allows a further condition to unfold, an enantiodromia, that is, a conversion of something into its opposite. The artist makes evident use of a process of automatism which is then superimposed with a set of conscious delineations which complete each work in order to make paintings that contain (seemingly) opposite energies, which, once combined, produce remarkably individuated images.

What is evident in all Laufey Johansen’s works, is the artist’s indispensable capacity to attain a certain emotional involvement while channeling the energies which only the artist can perceive. This ability combined with a vague suggestiveness and a not-known, give the spark of life to art. The artist’s work bespeaks of a particular expansion of the spirit which gives rise to this intense, inner realization. This deepening manifestation of an intrinsic potential of all matter is at the heart of her cultural efforts.

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