Landscape : Islands 


Join us for the opening reception of Landscape : Islands, in which a unique international residency programme culminates in an exhibition bringing together ceramic and sound artists to collaborate in the making of new work in response to ‘landscape’.

The artist duos are: Anne Lykke (Denmark, Ceramics) and Mike Blow (UK, Sound); Ingibjörg Guðmundsdóttir (Iceland, Ceramics) and Iris Garrelfs (UK and Germany, Sound). The international ceramic artists were initially selected on the basis that their practice responds to a notion of landscape and paired with a UK based sound artist who could respond to that work and augment it with sound. The collaborative work that the two artist pairs produce will reflect divergent attitudes to the conversation between sound and ceramics, from loose and associative connections to more integrated sculptural approaches.

Curated by Kay Aplin and Joseph Young in partnership with Phoenix Brighton for Brighton Digital Festival. Further details of the Landscape : Islands project including events at Phoenix and other partner venues can be found here:  www.theceramichouse.co.uk  www.incameragallery.uk

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