Korpúlfsstaðir residency

Residency apartment – Only available from March through November.

Korpúlfsstaðir residency is situated in what used to be Iceland’s largest dairy farm, on the outskirts of Reykjavík with beautiful view of mt. Esja.

Korpúlfsstaðir is on the eastern outskirt of Reykjavík, 10 km away from the city center. The house, which was built in the years between 1925-30, was formerly one of the biggest dairy farms in Iceland. Today Korpúlfsstaðir houses various activities such as 40 SÍM artist studios, a textile workshop, a ceramic workshop, an artist run gallery and a golf club with a golf course outside. Korpúlfsstaðir residency is applicable for Icelandic and foreign artists for 1 – 3 months.

The SÍM guest apartment in Korpúlfsstaðir consists of a living room (TV/ sofa), a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom with a shower. The residency hosts 3 artists at any given time. One big studio is shared by the 3 artists/designers staying each time. Each artist has his/her own private bedroom with two beds. Internet access is available. The apartment /studio is a non-smoking area.

Reykjavík city bus stops in front of the house. (The nr 6 goes all the way downtown).

The textile- and ceramic workshops are not included in residency fee but can be arranged please contact us for further information.

The Icelandic Ceramic Society offers a ceramic workshop for rent at Korpúlfsstaðir. Please visit their website for further information: www.leirlist.com/korpa/info

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Next application deadline:

Open call for SIM Residency applications are open now for period July-December 2020.

Application Deadline 7th February 2020.

To apply: https://www.sim-residency.info/apply


A granted residency is from the second to the last day of the relevant month.

Applicants can apply for a maximum of 3 months residency.

Information on residency locations and fees can be found on our website. https://sim.is/seljavegur-residency/

For further info please email residency@sim.is

Application procedure
Once an application is submitted a panel of professional SÍM artists review the application shortly after the deadline. Applicants are notified of the committee´s decisions within 6-7 weeks of the deadline.


The SÍM Residency is a project based residency and a good description of a proposed project is required.

Qualifying applicants must have a BA degree in fine arts or similar qualifications.

At the SÍM Residency all media of visual arts are accepted:✓  Painting ✓ Sculpture ✓ Drawing ✓ Photography ✓ Installation ✓ Ceramics  ✓ Textile art ✓ Performance ✓ Sound art.

All expenses are paid by the artists. The artist pays a residency fee for the stay at SÍM as well as his own travel expenses and all other personal living expenses during the residency.

Prices of 2020

Price list, rates per month in 2020:

Room 1 — 15 m² room with access to a studio shared by 1-2 artists: 600 EUR

Rooms 1-2 — 12 m² room with access to a studio shared by 1-2 artists: 555 EUR

The residency fee must be paid latest 14 weeks prior to arrival. For residencies lasting longer than one month, the fee for the first month is to be paid 14 weeks in advance, the fee for the second and third month can be paid on arrival.

Included in the residency fee are sheets, towels, water, electricity, heating and internet access for lap tops.

The residency fee is intended to cover the general cost of running the program.  It does not constitute rent and the artist therefore does not obtain the legal status of tenant.

If two artists share a room and studio 50% is added to the residency fee.


Cancellation policy
If cancelled 8-4 weeks prior to the scheduled arrival date 50% of the residency fee is refunded.

If cancelled 4-0 weeks prior to the scheduled arrival date none of the residency fee is refunded.


Guest fee

Artists in residency are allowed to have one visitor staying with them. Children under 14 years cannot be brought to stay in the residency.

For guests staying 1-6 days a fee of 6.500 ISK per person is required.
For guests staying 7-14 days 25% is added to the artist´s residency fee.
For guests staying more than 14 days 50% is added to the artist´s residency fee.

The guest fee can be paid on arrival.
All guests are provided with bedding and towel.



We have assembled this set of rules to make your stay in the residency as positive and fullfilling as possible. We thank you in advanced for observing them.

Smoking is forbidden in the residency apartments and the use of illegal drugs will not be tolerated.

Residents keep their own rooms and studios clean.

Residents staying at the same time must follow the cleaning plan provided for each month or make their own system of cleaning the living/dining/kitchen room; shower rooms; toilets; corridors and stairway.

Cleaning supplies and toilet paper are provided by SÍM.

Please inform the office if anything breaks or of damages and malfunctions of the equipment and space so it can be mended.

Painting or drawing on the floor and the walls is not allowed.

The trash from the kitchen has to be taken out to the bin every day.

Please be considerate and tidy up after you have used the joint rooms. Do not leave unwashed household items on the tables or in the sink, but in the dishwasher.

The use of toxic fluids, in particular nitro, aerosols, petrol and benzin is not allowed. At Seljavegur there is a project space on the ground floor which can be used when working with rougher materials.

Residents are responsible for anyone who stays with them or visits. Please see our GUEST FEE information and note that all guests staying must be notified to the residency manager.

Loud noise is prohibited in the apartment and studio after 10 pm. Disturbances and/or drunkenness might result in eviction.

When leaving please remove all your remaining consumables or artist materials from your room, the kitchen and bathroom or give it to somebody else personally.

Thank you for your consideration!

Are there grants or other financial assistance available?

The SIM Residency does not have a funding board or body attached to it. We do not offer scholarships or stipends. It is advised you seek funding in your own country, most Icelandic funding is especially for Icelandic projects or artists.

Do you offer residencies in the winter?

SIM residency Seljavegur is open all year round, Korpulfstaðir from March- November.We accept applications for 1-3 months, beginning the second day of the month and ending the last day of the month.

How do I get to the SIM Residency?

All participants will receive an information post a week before their arrival.

Can I visit the residency?

Please email residency@sim.is for further information

What living expenses are artists responsible for? What is an average budget per month?

The residency fee covers your accommodation and studio space. All other costs are the responsibility of the artist. It is good to budget with a minimum of 7,500 -10,000 ISK per week for food. Otherwise all expenses are dependent on what kind of experience you are looking for. It is good to budget for trips out of town and exploring Iceland.

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