Kjerringøy Land Art Biennale Nord 2019

Open Call 2019
Kjerringøy Land Art Biennale Nord 2019
The 7th Interdisciplinary, site-specific, Land Art Biennale at Kjerringøy in North Norway

Time of the Biennale: 02.08 – 11.08 2019
Application date for proposals is the 19th of August 2018.

Artists working in any media are invited to apply to make place-specific land-art projects,
with and within nature in the region of Kjerringøy in North Norway, during the week of
Friday the 2nd of August till Sunday the 11th of August 2019. Participants must commit
to being on location during the full length of the time period.

Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark with Greenland, Faroe Islands, Iceland
and the Barents Region.

WHO CAN APPLY: Artists from different artistic disciplines are invited, including visual
arts, sound and music, dance and performing arts.

OUTLINE: We encourage you to remain open for what the place and landscape has to
offer and not come with preconceived plans and ideas. The idea is to explore and
interact with the natural and biodegradable materials available and investigate,
transform, alter, reflect or commune with these on site. Hence there is no need to bring
materials for making the work.
We expect the selected participants to have respect for the place and its inhabitants,
creatures great and small, when choosing your site and making your work. Witch eiter
integrates or disappear in the nature.

DOCUMENTATION: The process will be documented with photography and video
recordings and presented on social media and in the press. On the last day of the
Biennale, August the 10th, there will be an opening walk & talk where the artists present
their work to the general public. The process and the finished work will also be

ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD: We offer free main meals and lodging to the selected
artists. You will live in a shared house and rooms in the valley. The commune House,
Tverbakk Ungdomshus, will serve as our hub for meals, presentations and social
gatherings. Cooking will be a communal effort and the main meals are shared.

FUNDING: Participation is free of charge. In addition we are hoping to offer travel
support for participating artists. However, the amount we are able to offer depends on
our funding from local and national sources and will therefore be announced at a later

THE SETTING: Kjerringøy is a place of outstanding natural beauty. The landscape is
steeped in wilderness and is breathtakingly beautiful with dramatic mountains,
woodlands and marshlands, lowland and highland lakes and a river delta where the
valley meets the fjord. The area has a great variety of wild flora and fauna, which makes
a spectacular setting for being and making creative and land based work.
The population of the Kjerringøy region is scarcely 400 people but attracts many summer
visitors. Kjerringøy Land Art is an established biannual event that is very popular
amongst locals and tourists alike.

1. Lise Seier Petersen DK., Artist /curator
2. Eva Bakkeslett, Artist / curator
3. Are Andreassen, Artist / curator, from Bodø/Fleinvær
4. Glafira Severianova, Artist, Art Historian, Gallerist, Murmansk, Russian Federation
5. Ane Vigdis Øverås, Artist / initiator of the land art
About Kjerringøy Land Art Biennale: www.kjerringoylandart.com
Facebook Kjerringoy Land Art. https://www.facebook.com/kjerringoylandart
About Kjerringøy: http://www.kjerringoy.info

Send proposal before or on Sunday the 19th of august
to: kjerringoylandart@gmail.com
Include in your application:
1. Short CV, max 2 A 4 pages, a short bio (1/4 of a A4 page) and link to your website.
2. A short (1/2 page) text of your motivation, what you want to explore, methods etc.
Note: Do not do a project description, but more a general and personal intention.
Contact us for advise
3. Six images of relevant work, not exceeding 3 MB each, 3 Video works;1 minutes each.
Applicants will get a reply by the 15th of September 2018.

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