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Katrin Fridriks /// BERLIN – GROUP SHOW /// JUNE 2017

OPENING JUNE 23rd – 2017

Circle Culture gallery is delighted to present “Das DaSein”, a group exhibition with artworks by Katrin Fridriks, Hoosen, Annina Roescheisen, Anneliese Schrenk and Kevin Earl Taylor.

The works by Katrin Fridriks (*1974 in Reykjavik, Iceland) are best described as an occurrence, rather than a static image: The moment of eruption, liquid matter gushing from deep inside, small particles hurtling through the air, dripping all over the silvery and black surfaces, all solid is liquefied and each layer set in motion. This depiction of her abstract paintings furthermore alludes to natural occurrences, such as the scene of the outburst of a geyser in her home country, Iceland. By means of her distinct painting technique, Fridriks captures the force and the sublime of its nature, without depicting an event or the scenery, as such. Her technique evokes a feeling of movement and energy that, on an abstract level, directly relates to the origin of the evolution of the universe.

For this exhibition, Fridriks is pleased to present AP n3 of her two latest prints editions, produced in collaboration with Coriander studio London and Avant-Arte.

“Waving Miracle – Magic Mind” & “Wavng Force of Nature – Awakening” : Print Edition Info

Christian-Hans-Albert Hoosen (*1981) conjures up countless stories and a huge variety of associations in his paintings. Full of grandiose metaphor, imagery, colour symbolism and sometimes shocking moments, they call to mind expressionist poetry. They provide an open forum for our thoughts and shared experiences – thus functioning as a kind of collective memory and as a mine of history and culture. HOOSEN’s works are full of eccentric characters, wondrous beings, grimacing faces and comic-like figures, and these elements all mingle and intertwine to create wild, self-contained universes. His pieces present an eclectic mix of private worlds and seemingly unremarkable moments from everyday life.

Annina Roescheisen’s (*1982 in Rosenheim, Germany) multimedia works, including video, photography, installation and sculpture, though visually diverse, are held together by underlying concepts such as iconography, religious image, Medieval art, German Romanticism, Gothic architecture and the fairytale. The fairytale becomes the symbol of the interplay between dream and reality. The medium of video art furthers the exploration of this relationship, where it is considered ‘painting in motion and emotion’. The videos are slow and deliberate, encouraging the viewer to exist outside time constraints, constrictions and pressures. Roescheisen’s creative practice underlines her belief of art as a tool to break down the barriers of elitist thinking and enhance connectivity. Her quest for social change becomes more and more important through her artistic career.

Anneliese Schrenk (*1974 in Weiz, Austria) creates her minimalist artworks primarily from thick, tanned cowhides – hides that have been discarded by factories due to their many natural features and processing errors during manufacturing. The resulting texture is a substantial element in her practice: Based on the idea of Duchamp’s readymades, she displays the raw material on stretcher frames, thus creating images out of the predetermined structure. In other works, the artist adds painterly marks to the original surfaces by means of water, heat or acid. Cut and stretched through space, crumpled or folded, the hides enter the third dimension as well, performing as sculptures or expansive installations. Schrenk’s work constitutes a continuous investigation of the phenomenon ‘skin’, considered as both connection and delimitation between all beings, objects and space.

The paintings by Kevin Earl Taylor (*1972 in Charleston, South Carolina) have a symbiotic theme showing organisms, animals and humans all coexisting. Whether parasitic or beneficial, the common thread behind his oil paintings is that these strange creatures all exist together – similar to our own reality. His fascination with animals, environment and human relations has led him to turn animals into humans in an anthropomorphic figure. The collective consciousness that makes us aware of other beings on the planet is incorporated in his paintings to tell a story of life and death. Taylor’ s abstract narratives are dream-oriented in a playful, sometimes renaissance oriented painting style. With humor, harmony, morphology, genealogy, symbiosis and just not taking himself too seriously, Kevin Earl Taylor attempts to expose the animal within.

Opening : June 23rd, from 6 to 9 pm

Exhibition : From June 24th to September 2nd, 2017

Circle Culture Gallery : Gipsstraße 11 Bismarckstraße 98 Berlin – http://circleculture-gallery.com/news
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